A few more words on the Swan Quickstart

In addition to my post in Swan Quickstart - Blues Developers, I want to add a hint - feedback about the Wizard introduced in Using the VS Code PlatformIO Extension.


The VSCode PlatformIO Extension is an open source product by PlatformIO organization, while the above depicted wizard was created specifically for Blues. I would like to give some additional ideas for improving this wizard, so that paragraph 4

Once dependency installation is complete, your platformio.ini file will open. This file allows you to configure deployment options and manage project libraries. Consult the PlatformIO documentation for complete details. To develop on the Swan with the Notecard, your platformio.ini file will look something like this:

platform = ststm32
board = bw_swan_r5
upload_protocol = dfu
framework = arduino
monitor_speed = 115200
lib_deps = 
  blues/Blues Wireless Notecard@^1.3.16

would be less “needed” - because it would be mostly generated by that wizard.

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Hi @adriatic,

Just an FYI - the “Project Wizard” is provided by PlatformIO and is not unique to Blues or the Swan board. Interesting feedback to send to PlatformIO though!

Hi, @RobLauer

I suspected this being the case. I will send my observations to PlatformIO and report my success back here.

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Here is my post to PLATFORMIO: Suggestion for the Project Wizard - PlatformIO IDE - PlatformIO Community.

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