Announcing the Q1 2022 Developer Firmware Release

Hi Everyone,

We’ve just released a new developer version of the Notecard firmware: v3.2.1! It’s available for installation via a cloud-based DFU with or in manual mode via USB.

We’ve also consolidated all of the release notes, instructions, and firmware download information in a new page on :



I can see the version listed under settings, but not listed on the firmware page of a device. Should there be a “Schedule firmware update button” there? Is available to all notecards?

Hi @gauteh, you should see this version under the Notecard Firmware tab, as below. This update is available to all devices.

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Hey @gauteh you’re in the right starting spot. if you scroll down you should see the “Update Notecard Firmware” button.

Screen Shot 2022-02-03 at 4.38.05 PM

It just says status: completed, and stop update / retry… ?

Odd, I will see if I can reproduce that with one of my devices. In the meantime, you can navigate to the Devices list for your project and follow the steps in this screenshot to try the update a different way.

Ah, I see what you mean @gauteh. That UI on the Firmware view for a device once an update is completed should remove the “Stop update” and “Retry” buttons and show the “Update” button I mentioned above. I’ll report this to the team. In the meantime, the approach in my last reply should get you unblocked.

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