Circuitpython version discrepancies for Swan


Circuitpython org is offering a version 7.3.0 as a .bin for the Swan R5 and blues io has a 7.1.1-beta as a .uf2 here Releases · blues/circuitpython · GitHub

Why are there two versions being offered for the same board and which to use ? .uf2 installation seems easier than the .bin


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HI @ssozonoff! Thanks for your question, I can appreciate having multiple versions and different formats is not the best experience, and we are presently taking steps to smooth this out.

During development of the Swan port of CircuitPython we were doing releases independently from the main Adafruit release to both shorten the release cycle and allow Swan-specific features added to CircuitPython to be tested - features like the UF2 bootloader and the expanded 1MB filesystem for scripts.

We are in the process of getting everything ready for the Adafruit 8.0.0 release which should include full UF2 support from the Adafruit build.

In the meantime, I can build a UF2 binary for you so you have that on hand and can use the convenient drag and drop. :slight_smile: Just let me know if you want that.


Hi Mat,

Thanks for the clarification. Can one assume then that changes made to the fork have been merged into the Adafruit release 7.3.0 or are you saying this will only be dont as of release 8.0.0 ?

Kind thanks,

That’s a good question! The changes are in their main branch will be available in their next tagged 8.0 line of releases which is currently coming from main.

I’ve put up the latest binaries to our own release page for the interim so you don’t have to wait :slight_smile: