Documentation for Notecarrier B

Hi All,

I am designing a compact device that will include a Notecarrier B and a Swan. I have been working with the Notecarrier F and keep running into problems due to omissions from the documentation. For example, the F_TX pin on my Notecarrier F does not work regardless of the position of the DFU switch. The TX pin on the Swan works if I solder a wire directly onto it.

Also, I can only get Serial2 to work on pins A5 and A6. It should work on other pins. I have no idea why. I have wasted most of the weekend on this.

So, I need a solution that allows both of these features all the time:
• Communication between the Notecard and Swan via I²C.
• Notecard Outboard Firmware Update, presumably using Serial?

Is this possible with the Notecarrier B, just using the regular pins?

Does this give a reliable guide for the connection of the Swan to the Notecarrier B?
Thanks in advance,


Hi Rob,

Sorry it seems we missed this question some time ago. Were you able to resolve the issue? Yes, the guide you link to provides the correct wiring, including the Notecarrier B.


Hi Rob,

I got everything going. My conclusion for getting the three serial ports working is in another thread.

I have sent the prototype unit to a user in Boston. They should receive it today. I will put it through its paces on the other side of the Atlantic.



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