Does "allow" work with "hub.sync"

I’m still trying to sort out communication problems and have run into another while testing solutions.

If I add the “allow”: “true” to my “hub.sync” command in python, I get the error:
{‘err’: “cannot interpret JSON: field ‘allow’ should not be a JSON string {io}”}

If I print out the request going to the transaction I get: {‘allow’: ‘true’, ‘req’: ‘hub.sync’}
I think this is the print command sorting the dictionary elements, but JSON shouldn’t care about the order… or does it?

My actual code snippet is:
req = {“req”: “hub.sync”, “allow”: “true”}
print (req)
rsp = card.Transaction(req)
print (rsp)

This is the response from “card.version”:
{‘sku’: ‘NOTE-NBGL-500’, ‘board’: ‘1.11’, ‘name’: ‘Blues Wireless Notecard’, ‘body’: {‘ver_major’: 4, ‘org’: ‘Blues Wireless’, ‘ver_build’: 4015681, ‘built’: ‘Dec 5 2022 12:54:58’, ‘ver_minor’: 1, ‘ver_patch’: 1, ‘product’: ‘Notecard’, ‘version’: ‘notecard-4.1.1’}, ‘device’: ‘dev:867730051247553’, ‘api’: 4, ‘version’: ‘notecard-’}

Hi @ktowers,

The allow argument expects a boolean, so you’d want to use:

req = {"req": "hub.sync", "allow": True}