How do I invite Blues Support to my Notehub Project?

If you want to enable the Blues Support team to have visibility into your Notehub project, you can invite them using the “Invite Support” feature

Invite Blues Support to Your Notehub Project

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Summary: Use the “Invite Support” button on the “Settings → Members” page of the Notehub project.

In order to get assistance from the Blues Support team with your Notehub project, follow the steps below.

You can remove Blues Support access to your project at any time.

Granting Access

1. Navigate to Notehub | Sign In

2. Click the hamburger “menu” in the upper-right of the card that represents your Notehub project

3. Click “Manage Members”

4. Click “Invite Support”

5. You can change access permissions from the dropdown in the “Access” column of the “Members” table.

Look for the row with “Invitation” or “Support”, and click the dropdown.

We recommend “Developer” or “Owner” permissions. “Viewer” permissions limit Blues Support’s ability to assist with Notehub projects.

Removing Access for Blues Support

6. To rescind access:
click “Remove” on the row of the Members table labelled with “Invitation” or “Support

7. Click “OK” if a dialog pops up asking if you are sure you want to make this change.

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