How to determine if we're in or out of 'geofence' area?

Once setting up an alert/geofence ‘circle’, how do we know if we’re in (or out of) the area? The documentation indicates an immediate ‘SYNC’ to the Notehub is generated when we move outside the geofence area. I didn’t notice an explicit SYNC … possibly I missed it.
By observation, I saw that “locations.qo” is generated when the Notecard is “moving” (I used a GPS simulator connected to AUX_RX pin with AUX_EN enabled to do this). A field within “locations.qo” is “inside_fence”:true when we’re in the circle. If we move outside the circle, “locations.qo” is still generated but “inside_fence:false” is not included. Possibly the lack of this field indicates we’re outside the alert area.

Hi @richf and welcome to the Blues Wireless community!

You are definitely on the right path. The card.location.mode API contains a minutes parameter that specifies:

When geofence is enabled, the number of minutes the device should be outside the geofence before the Notecard location is tracked.

The default value is 5 mins, so it may be a few minutes before you notice the location being tracked (also depending on how frequently you are syncing with Notehub).

Also, in order to reduce cellular data usage, any response parameters that are “missing” can be presumed to be null/empty/false.