How to send a small image

Trying to find a way to send a small picture using the notecard API. Is there an easy way, or I will need to chop the binary into pieces and send it through several calls?

Hi @paulohm,

Today the best way to approach this problem is by using the API. We have a short documentation section here on Sending Large Payloads to Notehub. The team is working on a more robust solution for sending larger files, but we don’t have anything to share quite yet!


hanks for the quick response !!!

Could you clarify if there is a limit on the notecard side for the payload size per chunk?

Couldn´t find this info in the documentation.

We usually recommend ~8KB per chunk being a safe size.


In borderliine reception areas, I have had more success dropping to 2KB.

That’s good intel - thanks !!!