How to use ATTN pin when env variables are updated?

I’ve decided the best way to broadcast data to multiple devices is by setting an application wide environment variable. When I update the env variable how does the notecard get notified of the change ? Do I need to have my host mcu poll the card via env.modified ? If in continuous mode will the changes be automatic and attn will be triggered automatically ? Thanks.

Hi @tavis,

The Notecard will receive updated environment variables whenever it next syncs with Notehub. You likely know already that you can set the inbound and outbound frequencies in the hub.set command, so any type of Notehub sync will also pull in environment variables.

Continuous mode won’t make a difference (aside from making the connection time faster), as there still has to be an explicit sync with Notehub (whether it’s a periodic inbound/outbound sync or an explicit sync on a note.add etc).

I hope that answers your question!