Implications of continuous mode

Hi All,

I got this fledgling product going with a view to have it monitor some existing devices every few hours and send the data home. The main interface with the devices is a phone app. The users use the app to configure the devices, and the intention was to use the Blues based device to provide a supplement to the phone app.

This has not gone to plan. Users would rather use the Blues device for all operations. The good news for Blues is that we will be selling lots more devices. Users want to send commands to our sensors, and receive confirmation back, with a minimum wait. That means I need to run the Blues devices in continuous mode.

Having the Blues devices calling in every 10 minutes was OK, and having them in continuous mode seems to work OK, but is continuous mode more expensive? If it’s not no more, or not much more, then we will set them up like that.

Does anyone have a cost comparison between having them run continuously and periodically with a 10 minute interval?

Thanks in advance,


Hi @rlkeith,

Are you referring to “cost” in terms of data usage or power consumption? In either case, it’s generally going to be more “expensive” both in data used and power consumed to reconnect and establish a new connection every 10 minutes versus sustaining a continuous connection.


Hi Rob,

Thank you. That is the conclusion I had reached. Power consumption is not a consideration with these devices. They are mains powered with a 1600 mAh backup.