More frequent GPS heartbeat


We have some notecards with version They are configured to track position every 2 minutes, and with the lowest heartbeat possible (1 hour). They are located inside a drifting buoy in the ocean, but it seems that the motion is not strong enough on quiet days to trigger the GPS. The buoy then slowly drifts quite far without any position. Is there an issue with this version or is it possible to increase the heartbeat?

Regards, Gaute

Hi @gauteh,

I’m a bit surprised even gentle movement isn’t triggering the accelerometer on the Notecard. Have you set a different sensitivity value in a card.motion.mode request?


No, haven’t changed it. We initially thought the gps antenna lost signal, but we have it in a good position now that usually works very well. I do sometimes see accelerometer errors in the log, but haven’t been able tl correlate them with the issue. The modem is logging many positions when we are moving it around prior to deployment.


Can you add other more sensitive motion I2C sensors?

Rob Oudendijk

@gauteh - for production scenarios like this I would recommend upgrading to the latest LTS version. Also, while it’s not yet documented, if you supply a negative value for hours, the Notecard interprets those as minutes.


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Yes, good point, we will upgrade. Negative value for minutes sounds amazing! We will test that out.