No response from Notecard to host over UART

Hi all,

I’m having an issue getting a response from the Notecard to the host. I’m using a Cellular Notecard 1.5 on a Notecarrier-A 2.0. I’m trying to talk to it over UART from a Maduino Uno (off-brand Arduino Uno). I have the Maduino’s RX and TX pins plugged into the Notecarrier’s TX/RX pins.

When I send a request, like “{“req”: “card.voltage”}”, nothing is sent back - I don’t see anything on the serial monitor. I can talk to it over USB in the browser terminal. Also, Example Sketch 0 in the Arduino library works perfectly – I can see the notes showing up in Notehub – so I don’t think it’s a hardware issue, because it’s receiving from the Maduino over UART.

Here’s what I’m sending it:

{“cmd”:“hub.set”,“product”:“(product uid)”}
{“req”: “card.location.mode”,“mode”: “periodic”,“seconds”: 15}
{“req”: “card.voltage”}

Any ideas? Thanks!

Hi @imjohns3,

Can you please post a photo of your wiring? Just want to review it and make sure nothing is missing!

Also note that your Notecard’s cellular radio and GPS module can’t be active at the same time. In the setup commands you provided, the cellular radio is in continuous mode and the GPS is going to try and ascertain its position every 15 seconds if it detects it has moved. This can easily set up a conflict where the cell vs GPS are trying to enable themselves simultaneously. I would switch your hub.set to periodic, provide an outbound of something like 30 or more (to sync data every 30 mins), and provide a higher value for the seconds arg in card.location.mode like 300 for checking location every 5 mins.

Long story short, you want to give the GPS module 1-2 minutes to find satellites and ascertain its location before disabling it in favor of a cellular connection to sync data.