Notecard deepsleep or mosfet cutoff

I use the notecard on my datalogger to send my data every X measurements, for example I measure every 15 minutes and I send the data every 6 or 12h. In order to save current, I have a mosfet that cuts the current to the sensors and another that cuts the current to the notecard. So when my ESP32 (TinyPico) goes into deepsleep, everything is cut off and most of the time when it take measurment the Notecard is off. An external RTC (DS3231) then switches my ESP32 back on with a precise time step. So I’m not using the Notecard’s deepsleep function. What are the advantages of using the deepsleep function rather than cutting the power completely?
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The Notecard does not need to be put into “deep sleep”, per se. Depending on the model, when it is inactive, it will automatically drop down to only consuming around 8-20uA.

For this reason, the Notecard is designed to remained powered at all times. If you cut the power, then you risk losing queued Notes, and this is an unsupported path.

You may find interesting that the Notecard has an ATTN (attention) pin that is designed to respond to several events, including a timer. The host can request the Notecard set the ATTN pin for x seconds. When you tie the ATTN pin to the EN of the host (or use it to drive a MOSFET), then it works as a sleep function for your sensing electronics while the Notecard idles at 8-20uA (less than the discharge rate of a typical LiPo battery).


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