Possible to retrieve multiple card.* states with one command?

Hi. Is there a command available to retrieve all card request states using a single command, or do individual requests always have to be made? e.g. something like {“req”: “card.*”} instead of issuing {“req”: “card.status”}, {“req”: “card.wireless”), {“req”:“card.location.mode”}, … etc? Basically what I’m after is some way to easily identify all of the various non-default card configuration settings that have been set for my notecard. I tried using the CLI tool notecard -info and -scan commands, but the results were limited. Thank you!

Hi @jjax and welcome to the Blues community!

It’s a good question, but there is currently no way to issue multiple requests at once, nor is there a truly simple way to get the information you’re looking for! However, I always recommend using the card.restore API that lets you reset your Notecard to its factory defaults if there are any questions of “rogue” settings causing issues.