Programming Notecard

Is it possible to program the notecard directly to access the accelerometer and temp sensor and send messages out on cellular? I’m just looking to use the notecard by itself to report what it knows and possibly trigger that on motion from the accelerometer.

Hi @hamslabs,

Yes! You would likely use the following Notecard APIs:

The Notecard can be configured to automatically capture “motion events” in a Notefile, and subsequently sync them to the cloud based on motion or at the specified interval.

The accelerometer is also responsible for the temp, so having it enabled would ensure it arrived in the session event payload metadata; delivered to the cloud.

To say it differently, the temperature information would be heavily dependent on your Notehub session. So if you configure your Notecard in such a way that a new session is established on each motion event, then you would always have a reasonable approximation of temperature, without really having to do anything.

You may find this guide useful/interesting as well:

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