Register notecard with product and name directly in the notehub or outside the card


I have a bunch of notecards that interface with a MCU that run very similar firmware. I would like to provide these as binaries, but then I cannot hardcode the serial number and product. I believe that’s only necessary the first time the notcard is registered against my account, product, etc. Would it be possible to provide some interface where I provide the serial number of the notecard in notehub, so that we’re able to register and name the notecard without doing it from the notecard api?

Regards, Gaute

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Hi Gaute.

You can register the serial number by setting an environment variable with the Notehub API.
Use Environment Variable API - Notehub API Reference - Blues Developers to set the _sn environment variable.

I hope this helps.

Kimball Johnson

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Thanks, I’ll try that

Shouldn’t this be: Device API - Notehub API Reference - Blues Developers ?

I always get invalid deviceUID, what should I use? I sent a support request since I don’t want to share product and deviceUID’s here.

Is this method documented for registering / provisioning devices for the first time?