Starnote/Notecard Time while on NTN

I have a few questions relating to Time while on NTN. The Starnote best practices suggests that we include “_time” in the template to indicate when the Note was created. Imminently sensible! But where do we get this time from? A “card.time” call? But that requires a sync (so expensive)? Is there a better way of getting the time when sending NTN notes?
Also, does “card.attn” still work if the Notecard has be out of cell range for weeks/months or does it get the time from Starnote syncs?

Hi @rberkelm,

There is an RTC on the Notecard that tracks time - and time is initially set when the Notecard first connects to Notehub via cellular or Wi-Fi (which is a requirement when using Starnote). So when you include _time it’s stamped from the Notecard itself.



Thanks Rob. In other words Notecard does not get or update its time from the Starnote? I think I might have to incorporate my own RTC into my Starnote design as I can’t see my customers remembering to sync at home before they head out bush.

Hi @rberkelm,

To clarify, if the Notecard is power cycled at any time after making its initial connection to Notehub over cell/wifi AND it’s also in NTN mode using Starnote, then it will use Starnote to connect to Notehub to update its clock.