Swan and Flex Power Control access using Arduino or other low power modes


Does anyone have any examples of setting the Swan in any form of sleep state using either an Arduino Library like STM32LowPower or the new Flex Power Control features ?

I have made some tests with the STM32LowPower library and while I am able to get the MCU into deep sleep mode, but when it wakes up (as observed by an increase in current) the MCU just seems to be stuck with no code executing.

There is a note in the library readme stating

The board will restart when exit the deepSleep or shutdown mode.

But I dont see this behaviour.


Hi @ssozonoff!

I have not tried using the Arduino libraries to access the low power modes of the Swan. The way I was achieving low power was to use the ATTN pin on the Notecard to completely disable my MCU via the EN pin. I was using the Notecarrier-AL and an ESP32 for my tests.

I created a sample Arduino library, “Blues Wireless Notecard Pseudo Sensor”. It’s available directly from the Arduino IDE library manager. The example sketch is called, SleepySensor.


Thanks I have seen this code. The proposed solution does not work well with the Notecarrier AF however.