SWAN QWIIC power control

SWAN QWIIC power questions. Is there a programmatic way to turn off/on the 3.3V supplied (via U4?) to the QWIIC connector mounted on the SWAN. From the schematic, I expected it to turn off with the SWAN EN control (via U1), but 3.3V remains at the QWIIC connector at all times. Also, what is the recommended max current to source via the SWAN mounted QWIIC connector. Thanks!

Hi @JimM,

You can’t toggle the 3.3V to the Qwiic connector on the Swan (this always stays powered-on), but if you’re using the Notecarrier F, those Qwiic connectors are switched on/off.

Per your other question:

  • The current available on the Swan-mounted Qwiic is ~50mA
  • The current available on the Notecarrier F Qwiic connectors (which are powered by F_3V3) is ~1A on each, as limited by the connector
  • The current available from the Swan’s 3V3 pad, which is delivered via the Notecarrier F’s F_3V3 pad is ~2A
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@RobLauer Thanks for the prompt, complete response and information (sorry if I just missed it in the documentation I searched). My QWIIC sensor requires more than 50mA when operating, so the SWAN mounted QWIIC is not a good fit. I’ll stick with the alternative of the SWAN 3V3 pad and gate with PE4 control, else an external PCBA mounted regulator.