Swan USB Uploads Not Working (Windows 11, Arduino IDE)

Hi all,

I recently upgraded my PC and now can’t seem to upload scripts to the Swan microcontroller from the Arduino IDE. I’m on Windows 11 and using a USB cable that works fine for other devices. The script I’m uploading is just the blink example, which runs when I upload it via a Notehub Host Firmware Update. The Swan isn’t recognised in the Arduino IDE under “Serial Ports” and I can’t open a serial monitor for it.

I have a STLink-V3Mini cable on order but I’m wondering if anyone has a fix for USB uploads in the meantime.

Other relevant symptoms below:

Output from the Arduino IDE during upload:

                       STM32CubeProgrammer v2.16.0                  

USB speed   : Full Speed (12MBit/s)
Manuf. ID   : STMicroelectronics
SN          : 2057363C4834
DFU protocol: 1.1
Board       : --
Device ID   : 0x0470
Device name : STM32L4Rxxx/STM32L4Sxxx
Flash size  : 2 MBytes (default)
Device type : MCU
Revision ID : --  
Device CPU  : Cortex-M4

Memory Programming ...
Opening and parsing file: swan_blink.ino.bin
  File          : swan_blink.ino.bin
  Size          : 29.06 KB 
  Address       : 0x08000000 

Erasing memory corresponding to segment 0:
Erasing internal memory sectors [0 7]
sector 0000 does not exist
sector 0001 does not exist
sector 0002 does not exist
sector 0003 does not exist
sector 0004 does not exist
sector 0005 does not exist
sector 0006 does not exist
sector 0007 does not exist
Download in Progress:

File download complete
Time elapsed during download operation: 00:00:00.734

RUNNING Program ... 
  Address:      : 0x8000000
Start operation achieved successfully

Properties from Device Manager :

Error popup when connecting the Swan via USB:

Things I have tried:

  • Following this tutorial: https://dev.blues.io/swan/using-arduino-ide-with-swan/
  • Swapping the USB cable for another working one
  • Using the Arduino V1 & V2 IDEs
  • Using a different Swan
  • Downloading Zadig and installing WinUSB or libusb-win drivers for the “Unknown USB Device” (Driver Installation fails for all options)
  • Updating STM32 Bootloader WinUSB driver using Zadig when the Swan is in bootloader mode
  • Rebooting the PC and trying again
  • Uploading with the Swan connected to a Notecarrier F and with the Swan disconnected from anything else

Hi @ChronovaEngineering,

You’ve done literally everything I’ve had to do in the past to work with an STM32-based board on Windows. The “solution” is to get the STLINK. I don’t have any other advice other than to try posting on the ST forum directly to see if there is anything we have missed?


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Ah, no worries, I suppose it’s good to know it isn’t just me!

Uploading the scripts via firmware updates is a sufficient workaround until the STLink cable arrives.

Thanks anyway!