Transferring Notecard Ownership - Credits

Just wanted to confirm that the 5000 credits with monthly refresh are only available to the first notehub account that a notecard connects to?

I’m working in a team of researchers.
If I set up a notecard on my account, is there any way to “transfer” the entitlement to a monthly refresh to another researcher’s account? I’m guessing not, but thought it worth asking.

Hi @calcut,

Once a Notecard’s initial 5,000 credits are provisioned to a billing account, there is no way to transfer them to a new account. However, the monthly 5,000 credit top-up is tied to the billing account (NOT to the device). For instance, if your colleague’s account falls below 5,000 available credits, we will top them up (back to 5,000) on the 1st of the month.


Thanks @RobLauer , but my colleague does need to connect a brand new notecard to their account at least once to activate the 5000 credit top-up, is that right?

(New accounts start with 0 CC, and stay at 0 CC after a previously used notecard is connected)

Got it. In this scenario, your colleague’s account will remain at 0 credits (CCs) until the 1st of the month (at which point it will be topped-up to 5,000). Since the Notecard was previously provisioned on a different account, those one-time 5,000 CCs are allocated to that original account. It’s also an option for your colleague to purchase CC’s on this new account to bridge the gap until the 1st of the month.


Another option would be to add your colleague to your billing account. Then any project they create could pull from the CC already added to your billing account.

That’s not always desirable, but it is another way to share the CC from the Notecard.

And yet another option :slight_smile: is to add your colleague as a Project Owner on the Notehub project where the Notecard is provisioned. That would allow them to use the Notecard that consumes credits without having to transfer it.

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