Using Elixir Nerves on RPI4 / Zero W

Looking to use Elixir / Nerves to talk to your cellular board for an off grid project.
Nerves Platform - is a customized, minimal [Buildroot] - derived Linux that boots directly to the [BEAM VM] Erlang_virtual_machine).
Any recomendations for starter Kit for Europe / UK.
Pi Hat + LtE Cat-1 Notecard enough to start project?

Hey @edlay thanks for the question, and welcome to the Blues community. We’re glad you’re here!

The Pi Hat and Cat-1 Notecard for EMEA should get you what you need to get started. If you’re interested in also building an MCU-based solution, the Starter Kit comes with a Pi-Hat and Cat-1 Notecard, as well as the Swan Feather and Feather-compatible Notecarrier.

Either option should be enough to get you going, and please feel free to ask questions here, or share your progress! I’ve not had the opportunity to play with Nerves myself and would love to learn as you build!

  • Brandon

Hi Brandon, Sorry for late reply. I dont think I got a notification so I only discovered your reply by checking in.
Here is a list of tested Nerves targets for info - [Targets — nerves v1.9.3]
The kit looks best value - is there a battery that you recommend to go with that.
Do you know how long to ship to UK?

No problem @edlay! It should take around a week to get to you in the UK once you place an order.

Regarding a battery, are you looking for a battery option to power the Pi (Zero?) and Notecard, or the Swan MCU?

Hi Brandon, If I got the kit I wanted the option of powering the swan by battery just for playing with on the bench but its not necessary at the moment . The pi will be powered by vehicle battery eventually.

Great, thanks for clarifying! For a project powering the Swan and Notecard, any standard pouch LiPo would do. We have one in the accessories section of the store. It’s a beast and might be a bit much for what you’d be doing on your bench, but if you’re also looking at snagging one from Adafruit, you could save yourself on double-shipping. If you do get one elsewhere (not us or Adafruit), make sure to check the polarity on the JST connector before plugging in as some LiPos in the while (especially in the drone world) use a reversed polarity connector.