Watchdog not triggering

Having trouble getting the watchdog feature to work.
Using a wifi notecard with FW

Tried to simplifiy it down by doing a card.restore (to factory reset)
Then arming the attn pin with the following:

req = {"req": "card.attn"}
req["mode"] = "watchdog"
req["seconds"] = 60

I see the pin staying high, after waiting for >60s.
I have tried with and without a host connected.
And with/without a PC connected via USB (to a notecarrier F)

I can see other ways of arming the attn pin seem to work (e.g. sleep, files)

Any tips? is this a bug?

I’ve got it to work on a notecard NOTE-WBEX-500 with FW But the attn pin only pulses low for ~3.8ms, which seems a bit short.
I haven’t managed to get it working on the Wifi one yet though…

Updated the cellular notecard to and I can see the attn pin goes low for ~1s. Which is more like it!

I still want this to work on a wifi notecard though… hoping someone can look into it.

Actually, that isn’t consistent. it started pulsing low for <1ms. Going to try the LTS firmware to see if that helps

Can confirm that I’ve had success with both wifi and WBEX notecards using FW 2.3.1
I see the ATTN pin go low for 5s when the watchdog times out.

Seems like a bug to me. Will stick with LTS for now.

Hi @calcut,

Thanks for reporting this - we’ve identified a watchdog-related bug in the Notecard firmware. We are testing the fix now, and it should be included in the next LTS release (hopefully coming within the next week or so).


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Nice one. @RobLauer
I have a feature request related to this actually.

I’d like a way of having the watchdog feature but also be able to monitor for inbound files.
As far as I can see, these are mutually exclusive as they both use the ATTN pin.

Any chance of being able to use an AUX pin for one of these things?

Hey @calcut,

Unfortunately they are mutually exclusive. The ATTN functions are tied only to the usage of the ATTN pin, and there is no current way to split the functions among multiple pins.


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