Announcing Notehub Features and Improvements for December 2022

Going forward, we plan to keep you better informed about new features and other improvements available in Notehub. Everything you see below is automatically included on

  • A new dedicated Twilio route to make messaging with Twilio easier than ever.
  • Routing “retry” improvements via manual bulk event retries and automatic retries of failed requests.
  • Redesigned route log UI with improved filtering and searching.
  • Easily copy/paste environment variables with the included button shortcuts.
  • Improved Notehub APIs to cover new scenarios for managing fleets, devices, and routes.
  • Enhanced the AWS Route to simplify security configurations with Lambda Functions.
  • Expand/collapse behavior added to the Event viewer to more easily see the full Notefile body.
  • Shift+click capability to select multiple items in table views.

Let us know what you think (and what you’d like to see next in Notehub)!

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