Failed routes: are they retried?

Are events that fail to route to an endpoint retried?

Hey @gauteh they are not currently, but we are working on adding this feature to Notehub and it should be available soon.

Thanks, how long are events retained at notehub? I should be able to manually send them.

We retain Notehub events for 7 days.

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The JSON format from the Event API is inconsistent with the JSON from routed events. The fields don’t match (e.g. uid and event), and many are missing. It also seems that the JSON format changes between the different API functions (e.g. get latests events: event_uid) and get events by project. This obviously complicates things when forwarding the events.

We agree that this complicates things. Coincidentally, we are in the middle of bringing together the event format between the various event APIs and routed events.
In short, we will ensure the API returns the event in the same format as if it were routed.
We expect to release this change in September.

Are you using the Event API in production today? How inconvenient would it be if we simply change the JSON format of the event in the API to match a routed event’s JSON format?


I’m not using the Event API in prod. I am using routed events in prod, but my server went down for some hours and I missed the events for that period. I wanted to forward the events, by writing a simple script on the Event API. If the Event API JSON is made to match routing that would be awesome, since I can then forward them without further processing (or inventing fields).

I have scraped the relevant events in case they are deleted, but if you manage to get that in place within the next 5 days I will be able to fetch them anew while they are still retained.

Best regards, Gaute

Unfortunately, we won’t have the new APIs released in 5 days. However, I have some thoughts on a temporary workaround. Would you open up a support request referencing this thread and noting your app UID and the time period in question.

More important, we are also working on an event retry feature that would let you retry the events just as would’ve been sent originally.

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Another option is to use the Download link on the events page to download the events you missed. The downloaded JSON file uses the same format that we send to your endpoint.

It’s more than 10k events, so it is a bit inconvenient to do that by hand. It would be very useful if this could be resolved before they are deleted, but it is not the end of the world if not. For the future it would be nice if the JSON match.

You can bulk download your events if you click the “Download” button at the top of the events page. Any filters you have will be applied to that bulk download as well. This will return a JSON array with the same format as the routed events.

Will it apply to all or just the ones on the page?

The filters will apply to all your events. All your events, after the application of the filters, will be downloaded, up to a maximum of 10k.

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Thanks, that did the trick! Managed to get just below 10k per device. I’ve now forwarded the events.