Access Notehub events beyond first 50 via the Notehub API

Hi Notehub team,

I had a question regarding how to access Notehub events via the API beyond the first set of results returned. Is there a way to recursively call the API with a flag to continue to get events until the has_more field returns false, specify a timeframe for events, or dictate the amount of events I’d like returned from a single call?

I’m building a small POC web app for asset tracking, but unfortunately, I’m only able to pull the first 50 events or the last 4 events based on the API documentation I found here: Event API - Notehub API Reference - Blues Wireless Developers

Along that same note, is there any way to pull only certain event types via the API, similarly to how we can push certain event types from Notehub?

Thanks in advance for any advice,

It looks like we were missing some parameters for certain API calls in the docs! These have been updated in Paige’s link above to allow for specifying date ranges and paging through result sets.

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