Any C examples of HTTP API?

Before I started writing something I thought I would ask if there are any open examples of HTTP API? I know the developers page shows curl examples but I will need something programmatic. I think POCO will do, but that means I have to learn all about POCO so I thought I’d ask if any examples are around in c.


Hi @BrianP ,

I don’t believe we have any ready made examples exercising the Blues HTTP API using C code.

Are you able to share a high-level overview of what you are trying to achieve? Perhaps we could offer help or guidance if we better understood your objective.

Sure. If you look here Quickstart - Blues Developers under the HTTP API tab you have curl examples
curl --request POST --location ‘
–data ‘{“username”:"[]", “password”: “[your_password]”}’

For sending data to the Notecard. Curl is great but you need to be running an OS to use it, but I think it would be a more typical use case to use a library which can be integrated into an application. So I was wondering if any such example existed.

Meanwhile I have been exploring the Poco library and have managed to get httpget working and I am now working on http post.