Are proxy http requests considered routed events (ie. do they cost ?)

I’ve ordered a notecard with esp32. The project I was considering this for is an led display that updates every 5 minutes. Currently it works great on wifi and lora hardware. They can receive updates via inbound mqtt or self timed outbound http. I’m guessing I would have to use self timed http requests to my api to get the updates every 5 minutes. Does this mean that for each device I would be using around 9000 events / month / device at a cost of $6.75 / device / month ? Is there a way I can send the device updates via the api and incur a cost of only 1 cent / month ? I need some clarification.

Hi @tavis, thanks for the question! The short answer is yes. Our pricing model uses a typical web services consumption model of charging for data egress, similar to AWS or Azure. API requests are treated the same as Notehub Routes in this case.

Ok. Is there a transactional cost to send data from notehub down to a notecard ? If so what is that price ?

Not if you’re building an app that sends inbound Notes triggered by a manual action, but there is if you’re doing an automated or scripted configuration. As detailed here those calls are $0.000001 each.

Hey @tavis,

I wanted to circle back on this thread and make sure you were aware that we’ve made some improvements to Notehub pricing that are relevant to this discussion: removing per-project platform subscription fees and limits, a consumption-based event model, and free credits for each account. You can read more here and here, and let us know if you have any questions!