Event API Billing - Per event or per API call?

According to your pricing for most plans:
Event API: Free from desktop, billed as Routed Events from an automated or scripted service

If my plan has, say, $0.0006/event for routed events, is that $0.0006 per event retrieved by the API or $0.0006 per API call that may retrieve many events in one call?

Hey @ths, thanks for the question! Under our current pricing model, it’s $0.0006 per event retrieved by the API, not per call. That said, we’re in the process of simplifying and reworking our pricing, which we expect to launch this month. If you’re interested in learning more about what’s coming, head over to blues.io and sign-up for our newsletter (in the footer).

Well, that’s unfortunate. Thanks for the information.

The newsletter on 4/25 said you’re changing to a “consumption credit” system but I assume instead of $0.0006 per event, it will just become 1 credit per event and $0.0006 per credit. Unless there is some more fundamental change to the structure…

My application is stationary commercial kitchen appliances that would send a small snapshot of data (~12 bytes) once per minute. That’s $26 worth of events per month for each device. I suppose I could group those data points into arrays of, say 100 and send them all in one event and pay $0.26 a month. Is that what Blues really wants me to do? If I can get a 99% discount for jumping through a hoop, why have the hoop at all? Does that correspond in any way to your actual costs?

I had an actual conversation with an employee in which I tried to order a “$5.99 two topping pizza” with only pepperoni. He insisted he would have to charge me full price since the deal was only for pizzas with two toppings. I finally said “Let’s start over. I want a two topping pizza with pepperoni for my first topping and pepperoni for my second topping.”

“No problem, that’ll be $5.99 Sir!”

Hi @ths thanks for the follow-up. I can assure you that we’re not simply adding new terminology without a meaningful change in the actual cost of the platform. I encourage you to stay tuned for additional details in the coming weeks, but I can say now that one of the things we’ve learned over the last year is that our existing model is too expensive for large fleets and high usage, per-device. When we roll things out in the coming weeks, you can expect to see a steep event discount schedule as your event routing needs increase.

Another important thing to understand is that our pricing model is a reflection of our own operational costs for running the Notehub.io service and for the services we provide in and around it, including geolocation, event metadata, ephemeral data retention and egress. We anchor pricing on egress because it keeps the model simple, but there are costs associated with other aspects of operating the product that we pay for on a per-event basis. Grouping data from your host to the Notecard and through Notehub is perfectly fine with us, and you should explore that avenue if it makes more sense for your use case.

If I can be of any further assistance, or provide additional details about our upcoming pricing model over the phone, feel free to shoot me an email at brandon@blues.com.

Excellent, thanks for the additional info!

Hi @ths,

I wanted to circle back on this thread and make sure you saw the final launch of our new pricing model. You can read more here and here, and let us know if you have any questions!