Basic Authentication in Routes


Our current webhooks (on another platform) have fields for Auth. What would be the best way to handle basic authentication in the notehub routes, so it can be authenticated with username and password at the endpoint? Thanks!


Hi @shonky2 and welcome to the Blues Wireless community!

If you are using basic auth, the URL for the Notehub route should be in the form of:

Hope that helps!


Thank you! That works.

Just wanted to share another option as well if someone is looking for this and I think it might be a little more robust from a security standpoint. Let me know what you think @RobLauer

You can add an additional header named “Authorization” and enter the header value as “Basic [Insert base64 hash equivalent to userName:password]”

An example header value would be “Basic dGVzdDpwYXNzMTIz” which would be for user test and password pass123

Hi @shonky2,

Unless I’m mistaken you should be able to use the “Additional Headers” dropdown when creating/editing a route in Notehub as well. Header name = “Authorization” and header value = “Basic {base64 hash}”.

If that doesn’t work, please let me know and I can work with the team to figure out the best solution.


Hey @RobLauer ,
Yeah, that is what I was referring to. Thank you for your help!


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