"file": "_env.dbs", "note": "_state_vars_net", how to route

We have a notecard setup pushing date to notehub and routing that to our own web site, works great!
We can’t seem to find an answer anywhere as to how to route in Notehub the cellular “band”: value.
_health.qo, _session.qo, _data.qo are all routing OK to our web site and hold all the data we need but do not include “band”:. _env.dbs will not route.
Is there a way to route band value from _env.dbs without manually reading it in notecard and pushing it?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Hi @paulo and welcome to the Blues Wireless community!

We actually don’t support routing data from _env.dbs notefiles. You will have to manually create a note to sync data that includes the band property. I’m still looking into why this is the case, so I’ll keep you posted on this thread as I learn more!


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Hi @RobLauer , thanks for the reply.

We found in the hub events.go file where the _env.dbs files are excluded so we were thinking of running up a local instance of notehub open source version and doing some testing ourselves.

There are some custom integrations we want to work with integrating directly into our site rather than via routing.

Is there a walk through on setting up the opensource hub, or any documentation on getting it up and running, we have Golang setup, cloned the repo, realise that main.go is the entry point, just struggling with the structure and generally how it runs. Golang is new to us, but we have a lot of experience in IoT endpoints and site integration particularly into Laravel / slim api etc.

Any assistance or advice would be graciously welcome.

Hi @paulo,

At this time we don’t have any guides on standing up a hub server, other than the repo that you’ve already discovered.

However, if your end goal is to retrieve the same data that you see in _env.dbs, just know that there is the card.wireless API you can use: card Requests - API Reference - Blues Wireless Developers

We highly recommend using the APIs vs the relatively arduous setup of a local hub instance!