My Own Notehub istance

Can someone point me to directions for running my own Notehub instance on my own server? I see it mentioned on the site but can’t find any info for how it is done.

You probably want to set up a JSON endpoint and route events from notehub. I don’t think you can use a custom notehub server with the notecards.

Yes, I got a response. Sounds like the setup process is not super straightforward yet.

I now understand what you meant, you can configure an entirely different notehub service. Does the same pricing apply in this case? is the service offered by Blues Wireless that has free and paid tiers. If you stand up your own OSS version of Notehub, that is completely free to use (in terms of there being no charges from Blues of course).

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How does one begin this journey?

You would need to clone the Github repo and run the Go code: GitHub - blues/note: Blues Wireless Notehub & Notelib Core

Bare in mind that this code is most probably only a barebones server written in Go, no frontend, so do not expect it to be anything like what you see on This makes sense as Notehub is a SaaS version of the OOS software made available on Github; Blues need to make their money and run a business.


just for the record, what is “OOS” software?

I imagine OOS was intended to be OSS, which stands for (O)pen-(S)ource (S)oftware.

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I’m also interested in doing this.
Motivation: to see if notecard would work for me in an application where I’m sending a lot more data (and would greatly exceed 5000 events a month). I’d use my own SIM

Anyhow, I’ve got as far as cloning GitHub - blues/note: Blues Wireless Notehub & Notelib Core
And spun up the server in Go, on a raspberry pi.

Still trying to pick apart what the open source server can do. It looks like it saves events to a file on disk, I don’t think it does routing to external services.

I’ve forwareded port 8081 on my router
However I haven’t got the notecard simulator to be able to talk to it.
Perhaps a limitation of the simulator.

It gives me:

> {"req":"hub.sync.status"}
 "status": "connect delayed (51 min remaining): can't open session to discovery service: socket: cannot find host: tcp {service}{host-unreachable} {service}{extended-service-failure}",
 "time": 1664894731,
 "completed": 1

I’ll update here when I have real notecard hardware and can try on that.