Beaglegone and notecard?

With Raspberry Pi remaining unobtainable and availability pushed continuously forward, BeagleBone Black comes to mind as an alternative. Runs the same Debian, same Blues code will run. And best of all, available now in reasonable quantities.

As @bsatrom pointed, Sequent sells a $20 BeaglePI in which, they claim, you just plug into a BeagleBone Black (BBB) your Pi hats as if they were in a Pi.

I plugged my Notecarrier Pi 1.1with a functional notecard into the BeaglePi. Nothing, Blues does not appear in I2C.
i2cdetect -y
→ show 0,1,2
i2cdetect -y -r 0,1 or 2
→ does not show 17 (only a strange 34 on 0, whether there is a notecard plugged in or not)

Has anyone tried, any suggestion? I admit to be a noob with BBB hardware.

I’ve not tried the BBB with Notecard, but did you follow the Sequent instructions (on their software page) to enable the I2C port? Replace Raspberry Pi with Beagle Bone Black/Industrial

Thank you, problem solved. I missed the part of re-issuing the config commands after a restart.