Best ESP32 Option

I recently became aware of the Blues Notecard ecosystem, and I am very excited about ordering the hardware to get started. I would order the Global Starter Kit, but I see that it comes with a STM processor. From the sounds of things, I may be one of the only Arduino hobbyists around that has been doing this for 4+ years and NOT used the STM! That is because very early on I discovered the ESP8266, and from there quickly jumped over to the ESP32. Since then, I’ve done everything with the ESP32. So I would like to stay on the ESP32 so that I can use its features like WiFi, Bluetooth, etc.

I saw the YouTube video that the Notecarrier A can be used with any MCU, so I know it would work with the ESP32. But I would much prefer to have the onboard plugin capability that the Notecarrier AF offers.

I’m not familiar with Feather either, but I see that I can buy Feather compatible ESP32 boards. So as long as I buy a Feather compatible ESP32 board, would I be able to plug it directly onto the Notecarrier AF? Is the Feather standard a pinout standard also?

So my current plan is this:

  1. Buy the Notecarrier AF and a Notecard from
  2. Buy a Feather ESP32 from Adafruit or some other vendor.

Would this be a good setup to learn and implement on the Blues ecosystem?

Hi @bradleyward

Welcome to the Blues community! Yes you should definitely be able to use an ESP32 with the Blues Notecard ecosystem. We already have a guide on our website that covers the use of the HUZZAH32 and Notecarrier F board. Please see the link below:-

You can also find a couple of examples that are using the ESP32 in our accelerators page (search for the keyword “ESP32”).

I hope this helps and please reach out if you need any further assistance.



Yes, see Feather Specification | Introducing Adafruit Feather | Adafruit Learning System

BTW: I am very impressed with the ESP32-S3 based Feather from Adafruit. It runs at 18µA in deep-sleep, which is impressive.