Best Practice for Continuous Operation

Are there Best Practice techniques that assure the Notecard is able to receive Inbound Notes within a few seconds, barring Network issues?

Or How to tell if Notecard is truly connected to NoteHub?


Hi @Pat,

Continuous mode works by having the Notecard open a notification connection to the Notehub. Notehub will then “alert” the Notecard of an inbound request after it is sent. As you mentioned, this flow can be disrupted by connection issues. It can also be overwhelmed by rapidly occurring transactions.

To protect against these and other outside threats, you should specify the inbound parameter during the hub.set command. The continuous mode connection is quite robust, but this fail safe is needed for things you cannot control (like connectivity issues). inbound will cause the Notecard to “check-in” at a specified interval.

Be aware, inbound does not come without a cost. it will consume battery, Notecard computation cycles, bandwidth and data.

It is uncommon that inbound is necessary, therefore it should be set to the greatest value within tolerance in order to conserve resources. Depending on the frequency of transaction, it may be better to send a flushing transaction, instead of having the Notecard check-in at a tight interval.