Blues Sparrow connected to Notecarrier - Brownout


I have been trying to use my Sparrow to send a note over I2C with the Notecard WiFi, but I keep getting brownout messages after having first sync, as shown below.

{“why”:“first sync; continuous connection mode; periodic inbound sync due (TLS)”}
{“text”:“boot (brown-out & hard reset [16518])”,“voltage”:4.9609375}

This error was repeated for every setup described below.

I have tried multiple setups including, USB power only, USB power with LiPo connected, Power Supply to V+ pins with EN set high, and Power Supply to V+ pins with EN set high and LiPo connected.

Each one resulted in a brown-out, the Sparrow is connected through the Qwiic connector to the Notecarrier, and I have attached the firmware code I am running on it below.

I am also attaching a picture of the setup I have when using the power supply to power the Notecarrier.

Note: I have followed all instructions from the quickstart involving the DIP switches and the Sparrow is being powered by the Notecarrier.

Here is the firmware code -

I would appreciate any help as I am a beginner and currently learning my way around embedded systems and the blues family.


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Hi @arjunnair and welcome to the Blues community!

If you’re supplying USB power directly to the Notecarrier, you should not be seeing any of these “brown out” errors. I’m sure you started here, but I would try removing those jumper wires and make sure you only are supplying power via USB and have the Qwiic cable connected to the Essentials board. Also, it can’t hurt to update the firmware on the Notecard (though I’d be shocked if that were the issue).