Can a Notecarrier A or Notecarrier AF charge a LiPo battery?

Hello team,

I’m a newbie to the world of IoT and Notecarriers, but excited to get started. I had a question about power sources for untethered Notecarrier As and Notecarrier AFs (as I have one of each).

I bought an Adafruit LiPo battery 3.7v in order to power my Notecarrier after configuration, but I neglected to check if I needed to purchase a microcharger for the battery as well.

Can you tell me: if I plug the Notecarrier into my computer and then plug the battery in to the battery terminal, would that charge the battery back up? Or do I need to purchase a separate microcharger?

Thanks for your help,

Hi @paigen11!

Yes, the Notecarrier will charge your connected LiPo battery when it’s attached via the JST connector (and the Notecarrier is plugged into a power source via the micro-USB port).

FYI, if you have a solar array plugged into the other JST connector, it will also charge the battery.



Great to know.

Thanks for clarifying so quickly Rob, I appreciate it!