Card.temp and captured vs uploaded

I am currently using {“req”:“card.temp”,“seconds”:3600} to capture temp and voltage on an hourly basis. my connection is continuous.

I have noticed in the events log that the captured and uploaded times often vary. For example, this morning, I have a captured time of 09:29am and an uploaded time of 09:54 for an event. Why would these times differ so much? There does not seem to be any connectivity issues. Both the times within their respective groups seem to be consistent. For example, the upload times seem to be hourly and the captured times seem to be hourly. Any ideas?

Hi @rksteeves,

The creation of Notes via a card.temp/seconds request doesn’t guarantee alignment with the outbound parameter you have set in your hub.set request. Even in continuous mode, outbound data still only syncs periodically (based on the set outbound value).

Hope that helps!


If alignment of the sync interval is important to you, then we support that with the "align":true parameter of the hub.set command.


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Thanks for the input. Alignment is not really important, I am trying to ensure I understand, just to make sure there are no issues, or at least understand the options.