Cellular NoteCard Note sending

I have an application that sends data once every hour and this works almost all the time.

Once in a while for about 3 hours I get no data.

Once it connects all the previous data packets are sent so no data is lost.

The application puts a note on the card and then does a sync request to send it.

The sync part sometimes does not sync.

I guess not a big issue since no data is lost.


Hi @iseries1, thank you for reaching out. I’m sorry to hear about the issues you’re encountering.

  • Can you please inform me how often you encounter this 3-hour downtime?
  • Do you mind sharing with me your note.add and hub.set configuration?
  • Additionally, how many devices are affected by this issue?

If you’re experiencing this issue with only one device, please direct message me the device UID. I’d like to investigate this issue further. To assist with this, please invite me to your Notehub account. You can find instructions on how to accomplish this by referring to the following link: Invite Blues Support to a Project

I have added support to my project and there is only one UID in use.

I don’t remember my hub.set settings but I did just go to the latest release, and it happened on both releases.
It’s a simple note.add with no sync and then a call to sync with no check.


Hi @iseries1, thanks for providing me with that information. After reviewing your Notehub project, I observed numerous occurrences of boot (brown-out & hard reset [16425]) within your device health logs. This may suggest a power/current-related or hardware issue, potentially linked to your MCU or any other sensors utilized with the Notecard. Could you explore methods to test all other components within your application to verify their proper functioning?

If you have a sufficient power supply, it’s possible that this issue is related to a current problem. Let me explain in more detail. When the Notecards cellular modem transmits data, such as during attempts to register on a cellular network, it undergoes a surge in current consumption, often peaking at several hundred milliamps. If the power supply lacks adequate instantaneous current capacity, this surge can provoke brownout events and subsequent restart issues similar to what you’re experiencing.

If you look at the data I am logging the voltage and current usage each hour of operation. Those brown outs you are seeing is because I need to replace the battery which shuts down the system. The system was suppling 5 volts to the Notecard Carrier as this seem to provide more power to the unit.

I have since purchased a scoop module and connected it to the Notecard Carrier to stop this from happening when I replace the battery on the application. So far that seems to be working and the power is now coming from the scoop.

This missing sync was under the power of the scoop at the time, so I don’t think it was the cause.

Also, the application is sending data to The Things Network using a WIOE card and that unit does not miss a beat.

Since I don’t check that a sync completes normally, my thinking is that the cellular network is refusing the connection or something.