CircuitPython Built-in modules

Hi there. Sorry if this is a newbie question, but it made me stay all night long trying to solve it :slight_smile:

My project needs some build-in modules in circuitpython which the current Swan release does not have. How to overcome this?

Hey @paulohm, happy to help here, but can you be more specific? What functionality are you missing?

imagecapture is one of the modules

Thanks @paulohm, imagecapture isn’t currently supported on STM32 variants, but I can add a task for us to look into adding it. Are there any other built-in modules that you’re missing?

I’m a programmer, although new to the stm32 world.

May will be able to help / contribute with source code porting if you point me in the right direction.

Thanks @paulohm happy for you to take a look! The Swan port is here and Adafruit’s contribution guide is here. That said, from a quick investigation if looks like imagecapture would need to first be added at the ports level for stm32 as was done for atmel-samd boards here. Scott S. and the CircuitPython folks are super-helpful, so you might want to start with an issue asking for guidance on adding imagecapture for STM32 boards and see where they guide you.

thanks! will dive into it. hope not to run out of air :slight_smile: