Create a route to influxdb instance

Does anyone have experience how to setup a route to an influxdb instance?
I am running Grafana with influxdb and would like to create a route to the database.

Hi @bernd,

Sorry for the delayed response, but we have two schools of thought. I didn’t quite get to the bottom of it, so I’ll just share what I’ve learned.

  1. The InfluxDB website says they have a RESTful API, so in theory a simple HTTP route should be possible using our “General HTTP/HTTPS Request/Response” route.

  2. Last time one of our folks used InfluxDB, they only really supported their “LINE PROTOCOL” (even over rest), not JSON. They then attempted a hack to use JSONata to map a known body into a line protocol ‘line’. They said it was unreasonably complex, so it would probably be easier to do this by just implementing a “json-to-line” service of your own.

I noticed they have a v1 and a v2 API. Since my colleague attempted this some time ago, it is unclear which version of the API they were using.

Personally, I would start down the path of #1 using the v2 API, while keeping #2 in mind.


Hi @zfields
Don’t worry, I am not in a hurry :grin:

I am using Grafana with influxDB V1.xxxx, so I have to check if any of the options would work.
If not, I will just add another data source to Grafana that works better with NoteHub.

It would just be easier to use the existing influxDB data source in Grafana.