Need suggestion on adding custom cloud platform from the notehub data


I am planning to use platform for my project.

The documentation on the following page says that it supports HTTP requests. I have checked it with postman API platform weather a HTTP request can be sent to the url. It is working.

Now I want to use Notehub to send my notecard data to dashboard.
As far as I have understood to do that, I have to send create a route and in the url section I must mention the url as mentioned by in the following format.

REST API + ?authorization= + Token

Is there any other important step do I need to take to send JSON data? Note: I will transform the data to JSONata expression.

Hi @ujur007,

According to the Thinger docs, you can either include the auth token in the URL of your Notehub route (per their example):

…or you can include it in an HTTP header, which I think will end up looking like this in your Notehub route:

I’d try both and let us know how it works out!


Hi Rob,
exactly, I have done the same thing hence the code should work once I run it on arduino platform.
Thanks for your support!
I would also let us know weather and how it has worked.


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I tried a simple code to send a request. The code is working and connecting to

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This is a simple dashboard which logs the temprature of the notecard every one minute.