Generating note data via

DZircher posted Nov 2, 2020:

I’ve noticed that the json data produced by the system includes a reply field which is of the format:"your_product"&device="dev:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx".

Posting to this url with a valid json body always seems to return an http 200 with a response of {"err":"cannot interpret JSON request"}.

Changing this request to https succeeds with an http 200 and a response of {}

Is it correct to be using this url segment to construct the reply or should one omit the "req" portion of the url as the API is documented. Both URLs when used over https seem to have the same behavior.

@bsatrom posted Nov 3, 2020:

Thanks for the question @DZircher. The http on the reply field sounds like a bug, and I will let the team know. As for your second question, both approaches work, but your best bet is to use the documented approach as we might change undocumented APIs in the future.

DZircher posted Nov 3, 2020:

Sounds good @bsatrom, I’m one of those ‘I voids warranties’ kind of gals, but I’ll stick to the Docs.
(this time. lol)