Want to learn about notecard inbound requests


I want to send a HTTP request from third party cloud platform such as Ubidots, datacake etc to notehub.io and eventually to notecard. Can someone guide me on that?

The documentation states that bearer token is required for that, which expires every 30 minutes, so then new token will need to be generated.

After getting the token a request can be send with payload to the notehub. So in total there are two requests that needs to be sent…first to get the access token and second to send the payload with the data…

Has anyone done something like this before?

Hi @ujur007,

You’re exactly correct:

  1. You’ll need to acquire a fresh bearer token every 30 minutes.
  2. Create a new inbound Note - for example, using the bash example provided in the note.add API docs:
curl -X POST 
-L 'https://api.notefile.net/v1/projects/<projectUID>/devices/<deviceUID>/notes/<file>/<note>' 
-H 'Authorization: Bearer <access_token>' 
-d '{"body": {"temp": 72.22 }}'
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Hi @RobLauer
Thanks for confirming.
Actually, I need to learn further regarding the HTTP request and response and receive some data.

For example, I want to automate this process on particular cloud platform, I would have to write some customs functions to do so(As GUI based web-hooks are not enough).

I wanted to confirm this. As cloud platforms are new things to me…

Here is a link to Ubidots customs functions

Yep, this looks like you’d have to use their “UbiFunctions” interface (I don’t have experience with this though). It may be helpful to use the Notehub JS Library if you are developing a node function.