Custom Notecard Client

Hi, does anyone know how I might generate or expose a “custom” client for my NoteCard? I want to be able to provide a modem client for directly integrating with Blynk, using their connection function: “Blynk.begin(auth, client, apn, user, pass);” , where “client” is a handle or object that I can obtain from the Notecard initialization. There is also the “apn” which I am unsure about as it’s also internal to Notecard. Note that I have tried the Route function which works well, but I am trying to do something that is “always connected” rather than a webhook “get”. Thanks!

Hi @drewcssv,

The good news is Blynk is actually working on an integration with Notehub! You’re probably going to get better information about the integration if you reach out to them directly.


This is good news! I hope it’s truly an integrated approach and not just a Route like AWS or Snowflake as Blynk needs a “continuous” connection to interact with their app-based dashboard.