Delete note in inbound queue problem


I noticed this problem. When I add a note to an inbound queue (.qi) in the webpage (+ Note) and then delete it in the event page, the note is still sent while syncing.

The scenario is that I add multiple notes and then delete the last one and add another. The deleted one is sent with the others …

Is this something that someone has experienced?


Hi @Alec,

When you add one or more Notes (the JSON objects) to a Notefile (the .qi file) those are immediately queued to be sent to the Notecard upon next sync.

The Events panel is not a list of the Notes themselves per se. Rather it’s literally a log of events to/from a Notecard. So when you delete an event, you’re deleting the log of the event and not the Note itself.

If you want to delete an inbound Note, you would need to use the note.get command with delete:true in the Notecard or Notehub APIs.

Hope that helps!