Designing our own PCB: antenna frequency?


We’re thinking about rolling our own notecarrier with an onboard cell and gps antenna (from ignion). What frequencies should it support? Or what specific ignion antenna should we use? If possible it would be really great if anyone could take a look once we’ve draw up something.

Thanks, Gaute

Hi @gauteh,

We’ve had great luck with the Ignion antennas on the Notecarrier A. Specifically the NN03-310 for LTE and NN03-320 for GPS/GNSS.


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Thanks, we did some quick tests with using flexible antennas and notecarrier A. The flexible antennas did a little bit better, even when bent. But it could also be that the cellular antenna was positioned too low (almost submerged by water). What is your experience with their performance? It is a much easier build once we have the onboard antennas all set up.

I have not heard of a notable performance difference between the flexible antennas and the Ignion antennas, but I also have nothing to back that up other than what I recall personally. The flexible antennas are nice (and inexpensive) and I like how they can be positioned inside virtually any enclosure too.

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