Regarding custom PCB creation

Hi all,

I wanted to ask here that do anyone has experience designing a PCB for notecard/s?
I want to know about antenna parameters and requirements of Antenna design for GPS and Cellular module on Notecard.

I was refering to the documentation


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Hi @ujur007,

Iā€™m sure others can provide more guidance, but the first thing I tell people is to model PCB antenna placement around the Notecarrier A (which uses an Ignion antenna):


Hi @RobLauer
Meanwhile, I also have a question about the M.2 connector. Looking at the link below and comparing it with the Notecard/carrier I have I find that there the footprint seems different.
BTW, I also checked the hardware files provided by Blues and there it is the same connectors.
So please clerify

Hi @ujur007,

You need an M.2 Key E connector. This is the one we source for our Notecarriers:


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Thanks @RobLauer

That indeed seems the right one. :smiling_face: