Do I still need a notecard while using an external SIM card?

I plan tho use my system in Brazil, where the notecard is not supported. My question is: do I still have to install a notecard on the notecarier F board while using an external sim card for connectivity?

Hi @paulohm and welcome to the Blues community!

Yes, you still need a Notecard even if you are using an external SIM. The Notecard itself is what hosts the cellular modem (among other components) and while it does have an embedded SIM, you can use an external SIM by following these instructions.

Hope that helps!

thanks! Just placed an order for a dev kit.

Now I’m wondering if it comes with the Notecard with a modem that will work here in Brazil (NOTE-WBNA-500?). Of course I will be installing a local SIM card for local coverage, but I’m wondering if the modem on the Notecard is compatible with the local carriers.

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Hi @paulohm,

In Brazil you would likely need the NBGL Notecard (which is not included in the Blues Starter Kit). I’ve put a temporary hold on fulfillment of your order in case you’d like to change it. If you want to replicate the starter kit, but include an NBGL Notecard, you can add these items separately to a new order, and we can refund your existing order:

  1. LTE-M Notecard | Global – Blues Wireless
  2. Notecarrier-F – Blues Wireless
  3. Swan – Blues Wireless
  4. Wi-Fi Notecard – Blues Wireless
  5. Notecarrier Pi Hat – Blues Wireless

Just let me know if you’d like the old order refunded.


Thanks !!! please provide a refund, I will place a new order.

Old order is cancelled - you should have a notification in your email.