Example MQTT route for AWS IoT Core

Is there an example available of how to setup a MQTT route from notehub direct to AWS IoT Core MQTT broker? I believe I have my settings correct but am not seeing anything in AWS. I want to minimize the number of different systems our data passes through thus don’t want to pass the data through SQS or Lambda just to get it to the IoT Core Broker.

Hey @ec123 we don’t have any documented examples of this yet, but I am curious what you are seeing from the MQTT side from Amazon in your Notehub routes? Are the routes erroring, or do they look ok and the MQTT broker just isn’t getting them?

I’m also interested in setting this up but I’m not sure where to start. I understand this is not an AWS forum, but I don’t know what to fill in the Broker URL field in Routes->Edit Route->#my_route# in order to get it to connect directly the aws iot core.

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